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Lisa Brick is very organized. The Edmontonian spent 20 years doing administrative work at various companies and rose eventually to executive assistant.

“At first it was just a job and a way to support my family, but it became something I enjoyed doing,” says Brick, who’s now 44.

She had a diploma in administration, then went back to school to study business. “That was when I started thinking about maybe opening my own business.”

Six years ago, a friend told her about a personal assistant service in New York. The company would pick up people’s dry cleaning and buy their groceries.

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Odd Jobs by Diane Peters
Metro News
July 20, 2009

Thong? Wrong.

Help with Valentines Day Shopping

A trip to the spa is always a safe bet, adds local personal shopper Lisa Brick, who sees a huge number of clients this time of year as owner and president of VIP Concierge and Errand Service.

"Every woman loves a spa day," she says. "It's a fail-safe gift."

When Brick knows a little bit more about the gift's recipient, she'll often look for something quirky at her two go-to's: Holt Renfrew, for high-end clothing and accessories, and Chintz and Co., for home decor. Original art is another tried-and-true option, says Brick, whose client base is comprised mostly of busy male professionals with money to burn.

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Jennifer Fong and Chris Zdeb
Edmonton Journal
February 2009

Who Wants To Go Shopping?

Edmontonians using Lisa Brick's VIP Concierge & Errand Service are growing in numbers everyday. Lisa started her company over two years ago to meet the demand for a service for busy people who need someone to buy a gift or do an errand.

Her day may involve eight to 10 hours of shopping but she is not alone. The company includes her daughter Sarah, two full-time and one part-time staff member. Sarah handles most of the event management for weddings, parties and in-home entertaining.

She will shop for any item as long as it is legal and ethical. Many clients ask her to get last-minute tickets to Oilers' games or tickets for events in other cities. This is where having an established network helps her meet client requests. Her clients are typically professional with disposable income and little time to shop. She also shops for seniors.

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Dr. Sam Shaw
TechLife Magazine
December 2007

Smooth Moves

The excitement of buying a home is often tainted by just one nagging issue - the work involved in actually getting there.  For insider tips on making moving simpler, we interviewed three experts on the subject: Lisa Brick, owner of VIP Concierge & Errand Service in Edmonton ...

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Cathie Kryczka
Canadian House & Home
October 2007

Anything and Everything You Could Possibly Need

Charity events,balls, red carpet premiers, concierge service, family reunions, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, personal shopping, dry cleaning pick up and drop off, really anything that you can imagine - VIP Concierge & Errand Service will take care of it. Whatever you need organized, want to delegate or just don’t have the time to do, this mother and daughter team can do it ...

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Edmonton Plus
November 2006

Too Much Money, Not Enough Time

Too Much Money, Not Enough TimeLingerie, light bulbs or lightening your load, Lisa Brick and daughter Sarah Conant are your women. They own VIP Concierge & Errand Service, a one-stop destination for professionals needing more time for their money. “As the economic boom hit Edmonton and things went from zero to 60, all my friends started talking about how busy they were and how they had no time for this or that.” This led the enterprising Brick, a former executive assistant and quality assurance manager, to change careers.

Celebrating their first anniversary, VIP Concierge caters to almost every imaginable need—arranging corporate golf tournaments, booking romantic evenings, or basics such as cleaning the house or picking up a few groceries. “We were the first in Edmonton. It’s the beginning of a trend. There were only 50 concierge services in Canada a couple of years ago, now there are 1,000.”

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Eva Marie Clarke
Illustration: Amanda Woodward
Edmonton Life Magazine
October 2006

Sizzling Twenty Under Thirty

Sarah ConantSarah Conant, Co-owner, vice president and event coordinator VIP Concierge & Errand Service.

When Sarah Conant is at a wedding, she carries a kit filled with everything from Band Aids to smelling salts, a habit from her college days studying technical theatre production. She uses a similar kit now in her job as an event planner for VIP Event Consultants, a division of VIP Concierge & Errand Service.

Conant and her mom, Lisa, got the inspiration for their company during a trip to New York three years ago. Concierge companies are common there, but not in Edmonton. When VIP opened last September, there was a great response.

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Talea Medynski
Edmontonians Magazine
August 2006

High-End Personal Services Find a Niche in Reputed "Blue Collar" City

Ten years ago, Lisa Brick might still have found herself running a business running errands for people with more money than time.

It just wouldn't have been in Edmonton.

"I don't think we had as large a demographic of what we're shooting for back then," said Brick, who, along with her oldest daughter, owns VIP Concierge & Errand Service.

"I've just really seen a change in the amount of young professionals we have now as compared to then. I don't remember ... people being quite as crazy busy then as I see around me now.

"It just seems that there's a bit of boom happening."

Brick's company, which started last September, offers "lifestyle-management services" -- doing jobs people don't have time for such as waiting for the cable guy, arranging estimates for car repairs, shopping for groceries or clothes and walking the dog.

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Bill Mah
The Edmonton Journal
July 3, 2006

The Pepper & Dylan Morning Show

Dylan Needs A New Car (runs 4:48)

Listen in as owner, Lisa Brick, talks with Pepper and Dylan about Dylan's dilemma.  Dylan gives us a mission and VIP Concierge is on the job!

March 30, 2006

At Your Service

For new concierge company, no task is too small - or too big

Lisa Brick loves when people say they're swamped by life's demands.

It can mean cash in the bank for the Edmonton woman whose new business runs errands for people overwhelmed by a frantic urban lifestyle.

"When people tell me they're busy, it's woo hoo! Here's my card," said Brick, who, along with her daughter, launched VIP Concierge & Errand Service last month.

"We will provide them with anything that's legal or ethical. No job is too small or too large."

It's believed to be the only business in Edmonton that offers diverse services, ranging from picking up dry cleaning, to waiting for the cable guy at a person's home, to planning a wedding, said Brick.

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Shelley Decker
The Edmonton Sun
October 23, 2005

Hire a Hand

Too rushed to grocery shop or walk the dog?  Don't worry.  Help is at hand.  Lisa Brick and her daughter Sarah Conant are launching VIP Concierge & Errand Service for time-crunched folk in the Edmonton area.

For a fee....they'll perform a wide range of domestic and small business tasks, from picking up dry cleaning to house sitting.

While big city slickers in places like New York and Toronto have long enjoyed the luxury of gopher-for-hire services, the duo believe they're the first in Edmonton.

Sally Johnston
The Edmonton Sun
July 16, 2005

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